How to get more income for the music industry

Music artists are not happy with the fact that not enough people are becoming paid tier subscribers in the streaming service. These services like Spotify fail to recognize how to convert a user contented with free music into a paying one. All you have to do is to showcase the latest albums of the hot artists in the paid tier. When these artists have more than a million followers on Instagram then you know they are the hot best porn discounts type commodity. If their latest songs just invaded the service then users would want to hear more of the artist and it would be a lot better if they are good-looking in real life too. It is no secret music is a must for every person who is running the treadmill on a daily basis.


In fact, their habit would become boring if they listen to the same old playlist every night. It would be better to change the sounds up a little bit every now and then. Because of that, it is a must to go to a streaming service and listen to the latest tunes if you are not someone who listens to the radio. Not a lot of people buy albums of artists since usually just a few songs from that album is good so a streaming service can be a good way they gain income.

Since they get a glimpse of what they can hear while they are working out on the free package, they could always hop on the paid tier for just a few dollars per month. If there is the option to hear the latest albums by music icons such as Kanye West, Drake, Taylor Swift and Beyonce then a lot of people will definitely go for the discounts paid tier since it will be worth it. They will surely be the songs that will be played in the radio over and over again. You will notice how they play some of their new songs twice in the span of an hour. It can be the cause of a couple of playlists that had the same song or two people just requested for the same song.

Music icons can’t just expect money to come in instantly after they come up with a good song. Besides, there are so many ways each person can get their songs for free simply by downloading it on a torrent. It is a good thing a lot still prefer streaming services like Spotify so they can go from one song to another and that service has a big collection of songs. In fact, they have old ones since each person favors a certain genre and it may not necessarily mean that they like today’s new songs. It could mean they want to rediscover songs from, the modern era and there is nothing wrong with that. Some music icons think it would be a good idea to have a duet with other musicians to increase their popularity.


Sometimes, they are even the ones guesting on the other artist’s album just to make their name more popular. That is actually a good idea even if they appear for just a few seconds. They have a nice voice and their part could be the best part of the song no matter what they say in the song. There are a lot of songs where it really does not make any sense what an artist is saying but that does not matter as long as the beat is good. They can definitely live with that if their records sell far more than what they hoped it would. Apple Music could attempt to not provide the new songs on their free trial but they could experiment by choosing a couple of them so they would give everyone a glimpse of what they are offering. The important thing here is to make each user of the streaming service contented with what they are accessing.

If they are contented with the free service from sites like¬†Brazzers coupons, then they won’t bother going to the paid tier and the music icons won’t be happy about that. It would be smart to devise a plan to make them jump to the paid tier by not offering hot songs on the free trial.